The Jacks Fork River
Float Trip:

The upper Jacks Fork River is one of Missouri’s wildest and most scenic streams. 
It’s deep valley extends about 30 miles from the Prongs to Alley Spring. In April and May this section provides floaters beautiful class 2 water. Due to lack of access, it is the most primitive of rivers in this region. From Alley Spring to Two Rivers is a beautiful class 1 river and is floatable year-round. Fishing on the Jacks Fork is excellent. The 25 miles of river from 17 Bridge to Hwy 106 Bridge at Alley Spring, is best. We offer 20 different trips on the Jacks Fork River depending on the water levels.
All boaters are offered a trash bag to help us keep the river in the most pristine condition possible. We hope you’ll help by packing it in, and packing it out.
  • Canoes: 17 ft Discovery 169
  • Single Kayaks: 12 ft sit on top Jackson Kayaks
  • Tandem Kayaks: 15 ft sit on top Jackson Kayaks
  • Rafts: Vanguard or Star 12 ft, 6 man rafts 
Please follow Windy’s curfew hours and plan your day to be off the Jacks Fork River by 6pm Sunday through Friday, and 7pm on Saturday.
Windy’s Canoe Rental located in Eminence Mo.
A group of friends floating down the river in rafts and inner tubes on the Jacks Fork River in Shannon County Mo.
Planning a Group Float?
If you’re in charge of finding a float trip for your group, we’ve got you covered. Call Windy’s at 573-226-3404 and we will set up your trip, and send you a link. Next, you send that link to your friends and they can choose their vessel, pay and confirm their own reservation. Your friends pay for their own boats, and the group is all under your name!

Personal Boat Shuttle:

We also offer personal boat shuttles for folks who want to use their own water craft. Our insurance does not allow us to move your vehicle, but we can make any arrangement around that. Whether you need to be taken to your put-in, or picked up at your take-out, or both. After Booking, we will contact you for specifics.
Personal shuttles can also be added to a group rental float at the time of Booking. Combination Float and Shuttle are common and we are happy to accomodate.

Jacks Fork River Floats